#Art [2019]

What becomes of an artwork when it is experienced through internet?

Collaboration with
Radek Gorniak

#Art is a work that looks at art trough the filter of internet, most specifically through Instagram. With the use of coding we scraped instagram to find the most popular #art to analyse their physicality. We then used photogrammetry to reconstruct those artworks by only using the images we had scraped.

The aim of this project was to explore the transformation an artwork undergoes when it's being removed from its original location and intent, and enters the realm of Internet.✨

Supervision by Katrin Korfmann


Sweet Nothings [2017]

Sweet Nothings is a book of essays, paintings and poems by Marlene Dumas on life, art, the big questions, the small suggestions and nothing.

All the rights for the content and images used within this book belong to Marlene Dumas and her team.

3D render for display purposes

Supervision by Rob van
den Nieuwenhuizen


Lunch Lecture [2019]

A series of posters designed for a lecture on the value of copyright

Supervision by Katrin Korfmann


Embroidery [2020]

Graphic expression on textile.

These embroideries were self initiated mini-projects. I've always been interested in both digital and analogue mediums and it pushes me to experiment and find new ways to express myself visually.

Embroidery has become one of many new skills I've been working on acquiring.


Malkovich [2018]

Malkovich is a very conceptual book.

The book is an analysis of the 1999 movie "Being John Malkovich" by Spike Jonze. By using a multitude of paper types and a grid that follows the timeline of the movie to the minute, the book become a representation of the many states of Malkovich until his complete dissociation at the end of the movie. In the same manner that the movie starts and closes with a velvet curtain, this book is draped in a velvet cover

Supervision by Rob van
den Nieuwenhuizen


Surreal Landscape[2019]

From 2D to 3D and back to 2D

In this work I examine certain behavioural patterns and trends in our society and with those in mind I create 3D models of futuristic landscapes with the intend to question them. I then translate those landscapes into full colour silkscreen prints. The process of working from 3D to 2D enables me to add new dimension into the making of screen print posters

Supervision by Richard Niessen


Posters Posters Posters

This is a small collection of some more printed matters I've worked on. Posters made for various intentions and using different techniques.


How to have Sex with a Ghost [2019]

In this publication I attempt to address the flow of misinformation circulating on the Internet by stepping out of my "bubble" and diving into a belief system that was opposed to mine. I compiled a list of websites, books and articles that I've found on the Internet and created a pseudo-scientific guide on how to achieve sexual intercourse with a spirit. When reading the book, the informations appear to you as real and factual. Like on the Internet, here, the truth doesn't matter anymore all that matters is how it fits into your narrative.

Supervision by Laura Pappa


The Myth of Whiteness [2019]

Performance, video and print

The Myth of Whiteness is a research on the idea of white as a the colour of purity and the racial conflict that arises out of this ideology. It was part of an exhibition on Cult and Mysticism

The tendency to equate whiteness with beauty and classical ideals can partly be traced back to the white marble statues of the ancient world, or rather to the way they have been portrayed. How those sculptures are being displayed was never the way they were intended to be seen. The Roman Empire was ethnically diverse and the sculptures full of colours. But as times passes, the colours faded and white took them and our history over.

Exhibition photos by Olga Elliot

Video by Jochem Ruarus

Supervision by Roosje Klap


Anke Sondi

I’m half German, half Cameroonian, currently living in the Netherland.
I’m a graphic design student at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague KABK.


2017- ... BA Graphic Design
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

2020 Minor Gender and Sexuality in Society
Leiden University

2014-2016 BA Psychology
University of Amsterdam

2006-2013 DFG-LFA
French German Highschool, Saarbrücken

Work Experience

2020 Book Design, Boekenstad
Meermanno Museum, The Hague

2019 Open Day Identity, Graphic Design Department
Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague

2018 Exhibition Identity, Utopian Cultural Heritage
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

2018 Exhibition identity, In the Future…
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

2015-... Over 5 years of work experience in events/nightlife
Since 2017 in a leading/managing position.


2019 Royal Cult Club
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

2018 Utopian Cultural Heritage
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

2018 In the Future…
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

2018 Alter Ego
The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague


Mail: anke.sondi@gmail.com

Selected Press

Subbacultcha Collectibles #12: Anke Sondi

It's Nice That: Protest Gear Launch by Adapt